Residential Real Estate Photography

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Residential Real Estate Photography


Lment Photography proudly serves realtors around the Central Valley with their listing content. Based in Fresno & proudly providing Fresno Real Estate Photography (and beyond).

Services offered: Interior/Exterior real estate photography, Drone photography, Drone videography, Twilight Photography, 3D Virtual Tours, and Property Videography.

Fresno Real Estate Photography


Lment Photography proudly serves realtors around the Central Valley with their listing content.

Services offered: Interior/Exterior real estate photography, Drone photography, Drone videography, Twilight Photography, 3D Virtual Tours, and Property Videography.

Why Choose LMENT Real Estate Photography


For our Residential clients, our goal is to enhance your listing through captivating real estate media. We understand the importance of building your brand as a real estate agent, and our services are dedicated to doing just that. Through our media, we believe LMENT can not only help you sell your current listing but also help you get future business!


Our Process

Step 1: Text/Call Luke OR Submit the Contact Form on our website

Step 2: Schedule your Shoot Day

Step 3: Shoot Day

Step 4: Receive Photos in 24 hours


Our Services

Our primary offerings include daytime photography, aerial photography, twilight photography, property videos & and social media reels. Based in Fresno, we work throughout the entire Central Valley.


Daytime Photography

Every listing deserves professional daytime photos taken, which has become the industry standard. The simple truth is that taking photos on your iPhone no longer cuts it. Our daytime real estate photography includes professional editing, retouching, and a quick turnaround. Our photos are delivered within 24 hours of the time of the shoot. You can expect to receive 25-40 daytime images depending on the size of the home. We are typically in and out of the property within 45-60 minutes for this service.

Packages Included In: LMENT Signature, LMENT Essential, LMENT Social


Aerial Photography

Another important service we offer is aerial photography. For larger properties or those with an amazing view, aerial photos are necessary. They allow prospective buyers to see the property from a different vantage point than ground-level photos. Living in Fresno and working throughout the Central Valley, this is a popular service and helps to differentiate yourself with a unique listing. For agricultural properties, I would argue Aerial Photography is essential.

You can expect to receive 5-10 aerial images, depending on the property size. Aerial photos are also included in all three packages we offer and are also offered as an add-on service. We are proudly certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly drones and would love to capture your next listing from the sky.

Packages Included In: LMENT Signature + LMENT Essential + LMENT Social


Twilight Photography

For the right home, twilight photography is an amazing way to showcase your property in a different way. Taken right after sunset, twilight photos look appealing online and help your listing stand out. Truthfully, if you were to scan my website portfolio, most of the exterior images are twilight, and that’s not by mistake. These images enhance your marketing material; sellers are always impressed that you went the extra mile to schedule them.

Packages Included In: LMENT Signature + LMENT Essential


Property Video

It’s been said that photos sell the home, and video sells the agent. My experience has been that video is becoming as essential as photography in residential real estate. Our property video is 1-2 minutes long and includes professional edits, music, and relevant information. Aerial video is included in every film, along with a mix of wider shots to showcase the space and tighter shots to showcase detail.

For property video, you can expect us to be on-site for another 30-45 minutes after your daytime photography session. Our turnaround on property videos is 24-48 hours from the time of the shoot.

Packages Included In: LMENT Signature +  LMENT Essential


Social Video

In today’s age, one of the best ways of promoting your listing online is to create vertical video content around your listing. Our social video is 30-45 seconds long and includes the best of what your listing has to offer. It’s faster-paced than our property video, and that’s by design. On social media, people expect shorter videos and generally have a shorter attention span. Vertical videos are important because they take up more ‘screen real estate’ than a normal horizontally formatted video would. Our social video is a great way to build your brand online as a realtor. We also offer add-ons for agent on-camera intros – ask us about this!

Packages Included In: LMENT Signature + LMENT Social


3D Matterport Virtual Tour

Matterport Virtual Tours provides a comprehensive and realistic representation of a property while saving time for buyers and sellers. They allow prospective buyers to tour a property from the comfort of their home. This service can be beneficial, especially for out-of-town buyers who aren’t able to view a home in person.


Areas of Travel

Fresno, Clovis, Visalia, Tulare, Madera, Hanford, Lemoore, Selma, Oakhurst, Coarsegold.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for a daytime photography shoot?

A standard daytime photography shoot takes, on average, 60 minutes. There is typically a 15-minute window on either side, depending on the size of the home and how ready it is for photos upon arrival.


How long does it take for a twilight photography shoot?

A twilight photography session takes, on average, 30-45 minutes. I typically will around 15 minutes before the sunset time to make sure all of the lights are turned on and will be on site 15-20 minutes after the sunset time.


How far do you travel?

I travel throughout the Central Valley. There is a travel fee included on any property that is 45 minutes or more from Fresno.


How do I pay you?

Payment for all content is submitted through the property website that is sent. Payment is required to download the images and is processed through Square. All major credit cards are accepted.


Do I need to be present for the photoshoot?

I don’t require you to be present for the photoshoot. However, you are encouraged to be present when possible to help ensure the home is ready.


Is there a late cancellation fee?

For shoots that are canceled the day of, there’s a $100 late cancellation fee.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


“Luke did a phenomenal job when working together! The quality behind the pictures and the attention to detail shows in his work! His turnaround on the project was surprisingly fast! If you’re looking for a great photographer, Luke is the man!! I highly recommend him!”

Omar Megally, eXp Realty


“Luke’s photography is a pivotal part of my real estate business. The quality of the photos and videos that he provides is superior. They are bright, crisp, true to color, and showcase the properties beautifully, and my sellers are always so happy with them! He helps if you have a certain vision, and he is always willing to collaborate on new ideas. He is punctual, kind, and creative, and I will continue to recommend him!”

Shannon McAvoy, eXp


“I have been working with Luke with LMENT for just under a year – and I am always so impressed with the quality of the product we receive and his professionalism! When working with a top-producing real estate team – we rely on working with the best in the business, and Luke is truly one of the best. From high-quality photography to videography to additional reel content – we can always count on a great product & on-time delivery. We look forward to continuing to work with Luke!”

Katie Samuelson, Robyn Icenhower & Associates


“Luke is truly a magician! My clients are over the moon with how their homes look for their listings. I HIGHLY recommend him for all of your Real Estate photography needs!”

Erin O’Brien, Landmark Properties

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