Essential Services You Should Offer as a Real Estate Photographer

Essential Services You Should Offer As A Real Estate Photographer

When getting started as a Real Estate Photographer, you need to think of more than just clicking pictures. Real estate companies expect a wide selection of services from the photographers they hire.

Real estate photography demands the use of high-end tools and editing software and is highly specialized. People in the industry understand the importance of these add-on services and always look for ways to provide clients with more. We have compiled some of the top photography services you should offer to real estate companies to grow your business.

Assisting the Client

As a real estate photographer, you can more effectively assess the location and decide which features to emphasize and focus on in the photos. Since not every property has fantastic features, you’ll need to maximize what it already has to make it look appealing. Assist the client in setting up and decorating the space and recommend color schemes that work well in photographs. Clients appreciate it when you share your suggestions for setting up the area. The good idea is to visit the place beforehand to understand the perspectives and tones.

Quick Turnaround Time

In the competitive real estate market, businesses cannot wait long to get images they can add to their listings. They look for quick photography solutions that are efficient in providing images based on their needs. A good turnaround time is the best service you can offer as a real estate photographer. Don’t load yourselves with several projects at a time. Instead, take one task and focus on making it your best work. It would be best if you deliver the pictures within 24 hours of the shoot. It may seem hard, but if you manage time efficiently, you are good to go.

Twilight and Drone Shots

Real estate businesses want to differentiate themselves in the market and look for creative photographers who can capture their property and make it look visually appealing. If you provide your clients with drone photography and twilight photography services, they will be happy to work with you. Take aerial shots to showcase the property from a high altitude covering the surrounding area. If you are shooting in the day or afternoon, stay back for a while and wait for the sunset. Take twilight photos of the property’s exterior to give an aesthetic look to your client’s listing.

Creative Videography

Due to the new video marketing trends introduced in the real estate industry, businesses now look for someone who can assist them with photography and videography. Video marketing can be used by real estate companies in a variety of ways. These consist of client testimonials, business stories, cinematics, and tours of real estate properties. It would be best if you concentrated on offering innovative videography services in addition to photography so that you can give consumers a complete bundle for virtual marketing. It will benefit you and promote a positive working connection with the client.

Floor Plans

Research has shown that the floor plan is the second-most significant element when buyers are looking for a home. Floor plans allow real estate buyers to get an insight into a property’s layout and understand its flow. In essence, to the pictures you capture for your clients, you should also provide floor plan services. There are many software available that create 3D blueprints and layouts of floor plans. To complete the process, you must scan the whole property and feed the data. You can do this on the same day as the shoot and provide extra services to satisfy your client.

360 Images

3D and 360 property tours in real estate marketing have grown. Prospective buyers can better understand the home’s interior and exterior layout by taking 360 virtual tours. These days, real estate companies seek photographers who can capture static photos and produce 360-degree visuals influencing consumer choice. To provide these services to your customers, you must know how to create these 3D and 360-degree photos. Keep in mind that your chances of attracting more customers rise as you become more inventive and offer superior services.

Listing Property Hosting

It’s excellent for you and your client to save all the photos and videos produced during real estate photography in one cost-free place. To attract real estate buyers, you can utilize these photographs and put them on your clients’ websites or blogs. It is also helpful for clients who hire you for the long run and want you to handle the photography side of their business. Research and provide listed website services in your packages to serve clients better.

Image Review and Reediting

After you are done with the shoot and editing, it is time to sit with the client and review them. It is ideal for checking and going through the final shoot with the client to ensure they are happy with your work. There’s a chance the client won’t like some of the modified photos or viewpoints and will want you to change them to suit him. Don’t become frustrated by more rectification requests; work with clients until they are entirely satisfied. To ensure that your clients choose you the next time they need a real estate photographer, you want to leave them satisfied.

The Best Fresno Real Estate Photographer

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